Rene and I first made this sauce recipe about two years ago, after a family trip to So. Dak left us with a nice box of tomatoes.  We didn’t use any recipe we found via the web, we just know what we like for seasonings, and we went for it.

I saw this recipe in  it popped out, and I knew I had to make this, Rene and I love pasta, and he loves shrimp (I like, but prefer it in the form of shrimp cocktail, something about it served warm just doesn’t excite me).

7-Layer Cookies

I’ve had this recipe for a while now (that I saw on Deb’s FABULOUS blog, Smitten Kitchen, who’s daily emails I get, read and love), and I’ve wanted to bake them for equally as long, but just never got around to it, until yesterday, see…being bored can lead to yummy good things.

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I found this recipe on Danelle’s website, and thought about 3 things:  It looked good, had pasta, and would be spicy, check mate!