Lets face it, as you grow older, do you really go to carnivals for the rides, and games, or for the food?

I want to tell myself everyone is going to say the rides and games, there is nothing like feeling like a kid again, but then reality sets in and the food wins….

Look ma…I even got out the fancy China for it!!!

whomp, whomp, whomp….

I’m not much a breakfast person, so this past Sunday when I pondered over what I would eat, I came across this recipe from Joan over at , I knew I had to give this a go, I do love coffee cake, and its a serving for one, so it was perfect.

Another Pinterest find comin’ at cha….

As soon as I saw this pin I knew I had to try them, a healthy great alternative to the overly sugared breakfast foods.

Lets first start off with saying THANK YOU to those of you TWD’ers that voted for this cake….DELISH!!!

I had never made a genoise before, and to be honest, didn’t know much about it to begin with it, BUT let me tell you, it is marvelous!!!