Nutella Hot Cocoa

Its December in Colorado, and as far as I’m concerned that means hot chocolate is in abundance.

Sitting here cuddled on the couch, with the Christmas tree light glowing, and the Broncos WINNING, I thought a cup of cocoa would top the day off.

I wanted something different than than normal packaged hot chocolate.

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Funnel Cake

Lets face it, as you grow older, do you really go to carnivals for the rides, and games, or for the food?

I want to tell myself everyone is going to say the rides and games, there is nothing like feeling like a kid again, but then reality sets in and the food wins….

Look ma…I even got out the fancy China for it!!!

whomp, whomp, whomp….

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Yup, you read that right!!  This recipe is super yum, and super easy, therefore it’s a super super supper!