Nutella Hot Cocoa

Its December in Colorado, and as far as I’m concerned that means hot chocolate is in abundance.

Sitting here cuddled on the couch, with the Christmas tree light glowing, and the Broncos WINNING, I thought a cup of cocoa would top the day off.

I wanted something different than than normal packaged hot chocolate.

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Where Have You Been?….

Okay okay okay, its more like where have I been….

Well, on vacation, and I know I’ve been MIA for a loooong time, and no, I was not on vacation for that loooong period of time (had I won the Powerball Lottery, maybe)

We took a cruise over Thanksgiving holiday, and had an amazing time.

We spend time in Miami a few days prior and after, which was great, I’d live in Miami, ONLY, if I could live the way I’d want to, and then in that case I would NEED to have won that 550 mill Powerball game!  :-)

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