Cookies are one of the few things Rene will eat when it comes to desserts…and let me tell you, he’s eatin’ quite a few of these (thats being nice too!)

 I personally don’t like the chocolate chip cookies that get hard and crunch once they’ve cooled down.  Much like I wouldn’t eat and hard or crunchy cupcakes.

You may have seen these out in blogity blog land, and if not well now you have.  I saw this on Carrie’s blog called , go check her’s out, she did her’s a bit differently, and check out her other crafty projects while your there, so creative!  I though they are just so cute, and personal, I wanted to have something different for my front door than my usual Christmas wreath that I’ve had for the past few years.

About every week Rene call’s and talks to his mama for at least and hour and catches up on what’s going on with his parents and brother, and I always ask about when they’re going to make the trip out to come see us. And to be honest, it’s because I miss my mother-in-laws cooking SO MUCH, I love, love, love Mexican food, and since she was born and raised in Mexico, she can cook like nobodies business. The only problem is, her cookbook is her brain, and, well I can’t take that, so we’ve (Rene and I) devised a plan, when she comes out, we’ll go to the Hispanic supermarket, and take her with and buy a crap ton of food, and she’ll cook, I’ll make sure everything gets measures, take pictures, and Rene will help with the translation. I’ve told Rene too, once we get this done I’m going to make all her recipes into a cookbook….A REAL, TRADITIONAL MEXICAN FOOD COOKBOOK!!